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Joven El  Ray

M.C. Ray is a creative who has just made his premiere to the world through the writing of The Unveiled, the first book of a series.


He is a Georgia native, born and raised in Stockbridge, Georgia, and has always had a passion for the arts, especially the power of story telling in all its forms.

 "Creating a fantasy with characters that look like me is more than just about inclusion. In reality we are present, so why not in the magical, fantastical, and the alternative." - M.C. Ray


He is excited to share this work with all who are willing to the take the plunge into a new story and hopes that they enjoy his works as much as he enjoyed writing them.

In The Press

The Unveiled SERIES

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Sprite Alya Lightstar lives in a wealthy sanction of Keldrock, an illustrious elven-ruled city where she has everything anyone could ever imagine. She lives on a large estate, has servants, and hasn’t had to do a hard day’s work in her entire life. It seems like a perfect life, where danger is but a thought as she and all she knows are hidden behind a magical veil that shields her home from the far, far unknowns of the rest of the world. Being that this is all she has ever known, she yearns for adventure and lands beyond. However, for she-elves, these aren’t options. While sprites her age dream of coming-of-age ceremonies and elegant balls, Alya dreams of the forest floor beneath her feet and the thrills of the wilds. It isn’t until after venturing beyond the city's limits with her friends that she considers the dangers that come with it, especially after a dreadful encounter one dark night.


As Alya is drawn farther into the kept secrets that plague Keldrock and that challenge all she knows, Alya will have to prove she is the brave leader she craves to be to change Keldrock for the better while avoiding a pair of yellow eyes hot on her trail. She must race against time, preparing for an event that only the city’s defenses are trained to see, the Day of Unveiling, a short period when the city’s veil falls, leaving it vulnerable to the outside world. In time, and in more ways than one, all will be unveiled.

The Unveiled Series

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"This space is for readers, family, friends, and or subscribers that have any questions regarding myself or the Unveiled Series.


I want this to feel like an open forum so some questions will be posted publicly on my socials along with my response. (With your permission of course). Anonymous submissions are also welcomed." - M.C. Ray


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